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Best of 2021 | Melanie Foster Photography | Year End Recap


Newborn photos from Amy Rau Photography

Best of 2021 | Melanie Foster Photography | Year End Recap

Where to begin!? We’re settling into life as a family of three, making 2021 another mile-marker year in one of my favorite ways! So much about life has changed since I started these annual recap posts back in 2017, and I of course love it. There have naturally been pains and struggles over the last four years, but overall, when I get to look back on the memories and milestones in each of these recaps, I see the goodness and providence of the Lord and I can’t help but feel overwhelmed.

I don’t deserve any of this.

None of the joy, growth, highlights, happy memories. Because my righteousness before God is not my own.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

Apart from Christ, I am dead in my trespasses, sick in my flesh, an enemy of God, and a child of wrath. I deserve eternity in hell. But only through faith in Christ’s life, death, and resurrection do we get the opportunity to live reconciled to Him and in communion with our Father. That ultimate gift, and anything we have in this life beyond that, is 100% because of God’s grace. That is why I feel the way I feel. That is why I cherish the opportunity to not only share that belief, but to share in the grace he’s given us by way of the many blessings of our family, our marriage, our home, and through photography. I hope it is an encouragement to you, and evidence of who God is.

I know that is a heavy way to start this post, but it is the most essential, and I don’t always do my best at pointing back to and explaining why I do what I do, why I believe what I believe, and how it all comes together.

So now that that’s been said, let’s kick things off for the annual year end recap – here is the best of 2021 from Melanie Foster Photography!

  • Three proposals, two engagements. All five are epic.
  • 23 families photographed across Dallas, Tulsa, and Bartlesville with two days of mini sessions (once in the spring and once in the fall!) – hop on our VIP list to be the first to know about spring 2022 when I’m back from maternity leave.
  • 19 seniors, and next year will be even less as we upgrade the experience and exclusivity! Of note are my first OSU senior, Matthew, and my first Bartlesville seniors, Mia and Dalton! Grab your 2022 MFP senior spot ASAP before they are gone!
  • A rebrand and website relaunch! One of the BIGGEST and most fun parts of the year! Katie at the Kate Collective is a treasure!
  • As for the personal side of things, we wrapped up phase 1 of our home renovation and finalized phase 2 (the guest room, nursery, and half bathroom)! We should be set on the construction projects for a while now 🙂 Check out our master here.
  • Jonathan started a new job in August and it stands out as one of the biggest blessings of our year. He is loving it, and I love seeing him enjoy his work and the people he is with every day.
  • The first half of the year I was more involved with our pro-life pregnancy center in town – the Cottage! Folding and sorting baby clothes, brining meals to the maternity home, and the best part – one of our friends from church is the new executive director! I can’t wait to see (and hopefully continue to volunteer) as their plans unfold!
  • We announced our pregnancy, grew a baby, and brought Ruth into the world. There was a little drama the last few weeks of the pregnancy, but we were able to welcome her at home after a very difficult labor.
    • It dawned on me a few months ago that I somehow managed to photograph every session I shot this year while pregnant…phew!
  • I’ve been on maternity leave since mid-October, and it has been wonderful. I started motherhood completely off of social media, but am slowly easing back into things with a few upcoming sessions in early January.
  • We have several family members and close friends who are enduring serious health challenges. We pray fervently for them – that they would experience the peace and joy of the Father, for their physical and spiritual healing, and for friends and family to faithfully walk alongside them in carrying their burdens. While it isn’t a highlight, it was top of mind through the holidays for me because I know many of you are in or are close to similar situations. I want to spur you on to be in prayer for your own loved ones.

As we anticipate seeing Ruthie grow and change through her first full year of life, I’ve never been more excited. We get to experience and share life with this sweet little person and precious soul! It makes my heart leap just to think about! We pray that this first full year of life for her, and for YOU, would be full of time with family and friends, tons of belly laughs and deep joy, and new experiences that help shape her into a faithful child of God.

Happy 2022!

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