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Summer girl, perfectionist, crazy popcorn lady, Nashville-ex, Jonathan Russell's biggest fan, always nostalgic, always excited for more, Anthropologie addict, Texan at heart but Oklahoman for good, country music fan & wannabe cowgirl, home-body, passionately pursued by and pursuer of Christ.

Oh yeah! And photographer! Whether big or small, there are joys and magical moments worth capturing in every season. I am honored to have the opportunity to elevate those moments alongside you!

I'm Melanie.


Growing up, I wanted to push pause on my favorite moments by photographing them. I found myself spending so much of my time taking terrible images with my point and shoot camera that I was never truly able to enjoy what I was experiencing — whether that was a concert or a night hanging out with friends.

I figured that if I invested in a nice camera, I could spend less time behind the lens and more time in the moment. As you can imagine, that investment only intensified the passion that I had developed for capturing those memories!

I value keeping things real and honest. I strive to capture moments that are natural, fresh, and full of confidence. I think we are our best and most genuine selves when we are in our element, with our people, or in our "happy place." That's where we're going to capture the truest photos of you.

In whatever season we are celebrating together, or whatever dreams you’re chasing, I hope that the moments we capture are ones that are delighted in, honored, and remembered for years to come.

...and the innate desire to do things differently. Go ahead and judge me for the boyband love — all I really wanted was to take better photos at their concerts! (And to marry Nick, but that's a story for another day!)

Jonas Brothers obsession.


A non-exclusive and ever-growing list of my favorite people, places, and things!


Bits & Pieces


If I could fit all of Ephesians 1 in this little box, I would. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.

MY Purpose



He loves the Lord, he is the smartest person I know, and he puts up with me! He's the answer to SO many prayers!

My Husband!



Good people, an easy pace of living, and the plains of central Oklahoma are just a few of the reasons why I've stuck around.

my alma mater & Adopted Home



There's something about a colorful and feminine arrangement - it's the quickest way to bring a little bit of joy into my heart and my home!

the simplest joy

Fresh Flowers


I'm an all-American girl - I love the lake, BBQ, flip flops, and country music! Really any reason for my friends and family to get together to celebrate!

MY Favorite season



I've got 2 sweet parents, 2 sisters + their husbands, 3 nephews, and 1 niece I get to call family!


Family & Friends


It's the perfect way to share my ever-growing school spirit and get a big group of friends together to watch a game! I love Saturdays in the fall!

(insert heart eyes)

OU Football


It took 12 mega-bags of Skinny Pop to make this photoshoot happen and I have no regrets.




I value being outside, staying active, and getting a good sweat in a few times a week!

It keeps me sane

Working Out


Communicating efficiently, exceeding expectations, & including a few surprises along the way!

Elevating your confidence and creating a comfortable atmosphere for you to feel and look your best.

Educating you with resources and information about your photo session, my style and process, and the experience you will have.

Caring about YOU, your interests, experiences, and vision for the photos.

With everything I do, I strive to bring glory to the Kingdom of God. Knowing that I fall short of this daily, I am grateful for God's grace and the eternal work done by Jesus Christ on the cross. My priority is to love and serve you by stewarding the gifts He's given me.


I believe in...

Breana & will

"I wish I could put into words how thankful we are for the incredible job she did. Not only did she make us feel so comfortable, but we seriously had FUN. I am convinced she could not be more perfect for this job."

She could not be more perfect for this.


"We genuinely couldn't have picked a better person to capture the joy my friends bring to my life. She made each of us feel so comfortable and did an amazing job directing a massive group of girls. I am forever thankful for the pictures she captured."

I am forever thankful.

Matthew & Shelby

"Melanie went above and beyond throughout the entire process. She brought so much insight and knowledge that it allowed the proposal to flow perfectly. She truly cares and loves capturing the innocent moments, the moments that Shelby and I will be able to look back on forever."

Melanie went above and beyond.



Celebrate every season.