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Genuine, comfortable photography experiences for OU seniors, Bartlesville families and graduates, so you can celebrate life’s most joyful moments for years to come!

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Life moves so quickly

In a blink of an eye, the very things you were ecstatic for pass you by. 

And you never realize it until it’s a memory. One where you can’t quite remember the full extent of how joyful and exciting, yet totally sleep depriving it was when you were finishing up your last final exams as a senior at OU. 

Or just how inquisitive and rambunctious your toddlers were until you see a photo of them stomping in a mud puddle or stooping to pick a dandelion. 

Those small details, even when we work so hard to commit them to memory, tend to fade over time. 

That’s exactly why I’ve set out to document those moments of your life. So you can have more than just a memory of whatever season you’re celebrating - no matter if it’s joyful, chaotic, or something in between! 

Like all great stories, mine begins with a Jonas Brothers concert.

I’m Melanie, the Oklahoma girl behind the lens at Melanie Foster Photography. And I wasn’t kidding when I said my own story started while I was screaming in the stands at a Jonas Brothers concert. 

Along with wanting to marry Nick Jonas, I just wanted to capture life’s precious moments. At the time, those moments revolved around snapping photos of the best boyband live and on stage.

But I soon realized those sweet moments involved having my own senior photos taken on the OU campus. And capturing the small moments of marriage and daily life with the most amazing man (no, he’s not Nick Jonas - he’s even better!) to put in our family yearbook. And having a photography session to highlight the joy of carrying our first child. 

In the many years and seasons of life since I first picked up my camera, I’ve set out to provide exciting and intentional photography experiences for Bartlesville families and seniors to help you capture the meaningful moments of time so you can celebrate the joyful seasons God planned for you for years to come. 

- Melanie

I can't wait to celebrate with you!


Melanie Foster Photography officially launched during my freshman year at the University of Oklahoma.

2013 - 2015

Started booking OU senior photos - I've since photographed 150 graduates and counting!


A three day trip to Richmond, Virginia for the Katelyn James Workshop completely transformed my business.


MFP expands in more ways that one - we had our first daughter, and I re-launched MFP families!


Jonathan and I were married and MFP moved from Norman to Bartlesville, Oklahoma.


We welcomed another Russell baby girl into the world!


Oklahoma Families


Years of Life Moments Captured


College and High School Seniors Photographed

Bits and pieces of my heart

I’m so grateful for this life I lead, and these parts make it even sweeter! 

If I could fit all of Ephesians onto this page, I would do it! In everything I do, I am bound by my faith in the Lord. I strive to bring glory to Christ, and I am blessed to steward these gifts that God has given me. 

My Faith

The answer to so many prayers. Jonathan and our marriage are the biggest blessings from God, and I find our love growing deeper with every day. Seeing the way he puts the Lord first, being the recipient of his sacrificial love, and our endless conversations about theology and culture are my favorite. 

My Husband

My alma mater and my home away from home. I spent so much time on campus (including four years on staff!), and I’m grateful that I’m able to come back often to photograph the amazing graduates who are just as blessed as I am to be a part of the Sooner family!


Since 2020, I’ve fully embraced working to make our house a place my family is excited to come home to. Whether it’s trying out new recipes, baking sourdough bread, or collecting antiques, I take pride in making our home the place where my family and friends can come to truly relax and unwind. 


I’m a summertime girl through and through. Being on the lake, the smell of my brother-in-law’s brisket fresh out of the smoker, the sound of my niece and nephews laughing, the feeling of grass between your toes, and fireworks booming from all across the lake - it's the best time of the year!


I remember thumbing through cellophane pages of faded 4x6s in my family albums as a kid, and now I get to build that legacy for my own children. Prints and family yearbooks are a valuable treasure, knowing my children and grandchildren will have the opportunity to look back on their history for years to come.

Photo Yearbooks

Imagine yourself 5, 10, even 20 years from now…

Imagine Yourself

Will you tell your precious children about your old stomping grounds at school? Or will you show them a real photo of you in your cap and gown in your favorite spot on campus? 

Will you tell your grandchildren of their mom or dad when they were a kid themselves? Or will you show them what they actually looked like with their rosy cheeks and floppy hair? 

Even though life moves so quickly, we have the beauty of photos to help us remember all of our seasons. And to celebrate those moments for years to come with new family members alongside us. 

ready to press pause on your memories?

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