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Matt & Allie | Bartlesville Proposal | New Year’s Eve Proposal


Matt & Allie | Bartlesville Proposal | New Year’s Eve Proposal

Remember last May when I took my brother-in-law’s OSU senior photos? I wrote at the end of that post that he was single…but it didn’t last long! Matt and Allie met through mutual friends over the summer and as they say, “the rest is history”! We quite literally couldn’t believe it when on one of their very first dates, they were at McAlister’s for about 5 hours…and five months later here we are celebrating their Bartlesville PROPOSAL!! Life comes at you pretty fast! (And we have to laugh – the Russell men don’t waste time!)

Matt is very practical, and we knew it would take a special girl to soften his heart. We know Matt adores Allie, but I think one of his favorite things about her is her thoughtfulness. For Christmas, Allie sewed a fleece blanket for Matt and it was obvious that that labor of love, time, and care was particularly special to him. She has written special notes and cards to not only Matt, but to our family, and has extended her love for Matt by caring for us. It is easy to see how her heart of service has won him over!

We’ve also seen Matt’s desire to make Allie feel cherished, which is something Jonathan did for me when we started dating. He has been courteous and considerate in leading their relationship, always very conscious of her feelings, preferences, and mood. These two are always sharing inside jokes and side comments and I’m sure Matt’s dry sense of humor has to be a favorite trait for Allie!

Together, they are laid-back, one of the most sacrificial couples I know, and the perfect compliment to one another. We love these two, and I am beside myself excited to get to know Allie more and more as we double date, share about wedding plans and work, spend evenings at the Russell’s house, and more.

Also, let’s talk about this ring box because it is one of the most incredible and thoughtful touches I’ve ever photographed. Matt was over at our house after he and Allie had gone ring shopping together. I don’t know whose idea it was, but Matt jumped at the thought of designing and crafting the ring box himself. I showed him inspiration photos from another proposal I had photographed, and he brought this beautiful piece to life for the big day. You can’t miss the detail shots!

I am SO excited to have a sister-in-law, thrilled that Mattie found his person, and am eager to celebrate the future Russells! Their proposal was low-key and so sweet, just like the two of them. It took place at what would have been sunset (if it hadn’t been overcast!) at Jo Allyn Lowe on New Year’s Eve before they hit the road with my in-laws for a week long trip to Colorado! What a way to celebrate! Congrats you two!

jo allyn lowe park photosbartlesville proposal photographer bartlesville proposal photographerSeeing the box for the first time!! bartlesville proposal photographer jo allyn loweThese are always my favorites – the hugs afterwards and the first glimpse at the ring! bartlesville proposal proposal at jo allyn lowe park proposal in bartlesville ok ring proposal bartlesville ok Absolutely stunning! Another beauty from McCoy Jewelers! Had to leave it with this one – for sure one of my favorites!

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