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Master Bedroom Renovation Reveal | Traditional Colonial Style Home


This was a LONG TIME COMING! As with any renovation or home project, it is a labor of love and always takes longer than you anticipate 🙂 On the blog earlier this summer, I shared about the 1935 colonial home we bought, and then gave some behind the scenes and background info on IG stories! If you’ve followed along, THANK YOU! At first I thought I wouldn’t mention it until it was all done with and then I’d share the before and afters! I’m glad I decided to share a peek behind the curtain throughout the process because it has been a long one and I’ve LOVED getting insight and opinions along the way!

Today I’m sharing the master!! It is on the second floor of the home, and the only differentiating features of it when we bought the house were that it had hardwoods (the other two bedrooms have carpet, with old hardwoods underneath), and a larger closet. Our contractor came in and knew right off the bat what this room needed to be set apart! I spent a few days stripping the wall paper, but that was about all that was needed from the demo side of things. Our floor guy came in and restored the redwoods to a more rich, traditional color, Brett installed the siding on the ceiling + added those gorgeous cedar beams, and then our painters camped out for a few weeks to finish the restoration process with the windows, trim, wall skimming, primer, and finally PAINT!

colonial master bedroom renovation

As far as the decor goes, I knew I wanted to level up our master to a more sophisticated, neutral look. I also knew I wanted to mix old with new. I don’t know that it’s quite there yet, but it’s at least coming along! It took me weeks to decide on curtains and curtain rods…holy moly. I would have loved to do custom pinch-pleat treatments, but knowing that we won’t be here forever (and just HOW MANY windows we have!), I figured we better go with a more realistic and affordable option. The curtains I ordered are from Target and definitely need a few inches taken off with a hem, but they do for now!

My favorite piece/part of the room (other than the beams) is our dresser. This piece was left with the home and I knew right away this was going to be one of my keepers! I am considering giving it some love and a fresh stain, but that is a project for another day…or year…

colonial master bedroom renovation

Another favorite – my stack of cookbooks! Before I met Jonathan, I never cooked. Obviously I need to keep this man fed, but I also have really enjoyed learning how to cook, using my new kitchen tools from our wedding gifts, and coming into my own as a homemaker. I wanted a few of my favorite cookbooks to be front and center! I didn’t intend for them to be in the warm color family either so it’s kind of funny that they naturally coordinated! I included one of my all-time favorite wedding photos that KJ sent us as a wedding gift, our framed invitation from my sister, and one of our “Bartlesville is home!” photos from our shoot with Holly Felts!

colonial master bedroom renovationWe are still on the hunt for two nightstands. The turquoise one there is just a placeholder, but I’m getting antsy to find something that is just the right fit! I am hoping to go with an antique set that I can restore and paint, but will need to hit up some estate sales and keep an eye on Facebook Marketplace. Our bedroom won’t fit a ton of furniture, so we definitely need something with drawers to store the essentials.

This mini bench/stool thing has been one of my favorite TJ Maxx/Homegoods buys! I’ve had it for a few years now, and it’s the perfect “catch all” – there’s nothing I hate more than stuff just lying on the floor! light colonial style Can we talk about fans and light fixtures for a second? If you had asked me two months ago what my first choice would have been, I would have told you a cute chandelier. Realistically, I knew we would have a fan installed because Jonathan is hot 100% of the time and with how old our house is, there was no way we would be living without one. That being said, I am SO glad we went with this option and nixed the light kit. It was a perfect compliment to the wood beams, and the black detail on it ties in well with the black curtain rods. I have zero experience with design and decorating, so these small details stressed me out a ton.The rug was a big item for me – I spent many days stressing over this as well. I wanted something that was fairly thin and super flat, but still sophisticated and high quality. In the past, I’ve only ever bought rugs from Home Goods and Target because you can actually see them in person. I ordered a few runners from Rugs USA and after hating one of them but forcing myself to keep it because I didn’t want to pay the return shipping, I knew a trip to the Owasso Homegoods was in our future. It was a win! It’s not exactly what I had in mind originally, but it fits my style well and I am happy!colonial style roomAnd for good measure – here’s the iPhone BEFORE & AFTER!  

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