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Hey, y’all! 

I’m Melanie, the girl behind the lens at Melanie Foster Photography. Whether you’re getting ready for your upcoming OU senior or your Bartlesville or Tulsa family photography experience, I hope you’ll stay a while, pick up a few tips, and be inspired for your own MFP photo session! 

Ruthie | Month 2 This month has gone by both so slow and so fast. Naturally, it was very different than Ruth’s first month, given that we didn’t have a few weeks of the post-partum recovery and adjustments like we did when she was first born. I also feel like I joined the “please don’t […]

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Newborn photos from Amy Rau Photography Best of 2021 | Melanie Foster Photography | Year End Recap Where to begin!? We’re settling into life as a family of three, making 2021 another mile-marker year in one of my favorite ways! So much about life has changed since I started these annual recap posts back in […]

Ruthie | Month 1 | At Home with the Russells One whole month with Ruthie Kate! I’m excited to journal some of my favorite things about her, moments, memories, and her personality as she grows this first year. It is surreal that I get to be not just a momma, but her momma. I’m already […]

Our Natural Homebirth Experience | Ruthie’s Home Birth Story | Part 2 If you haven’t read about our breech diagnosis at 36 weeks and external cephalic version experience, you’ll want to do that first! Read part 1 here!! My due date was on Sunday, November 7. I figured I’d go late, but ever since the […]

Photos: Laura Eddy Sourdough How-To | Making a Home with Melanie We were visiting friends in Oklahoma City a few weeks after our wedding when I had homemade sourdough bread for the first time. I started asking a million questions of Dylan – how he learned, who he learned from, how long it took, what […]

Maternity photos from Laura Eddy Photography Ruthie’s Home Birth Story | Part 1 | My External Cephalic Version Experience I’ll start this off by saying that birth stories are a funny thing. I don’t know when it became normal to type out and share such an intimate and personal experience for the online world to […]

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