I think my shoot with Peyton last night was one of the most fulfilling so far this year for a couple of reasons. 1. I ADORE Peyton! She is darling and easy going. 2. It seemed like all of the pieces kind of fell into place for her shoot – the lighting was perfect, weather […]

Moment of honesty here – I’m having a REALLY hard time picking my favorite images as I am prepping these blog posts! I get so attached, not only to my girls, but to each of their photos and their personalities! I know how much time & energy they have invested into earning their degree. I’ve […]

norman high senior photos

Norman High Senior Photos – Gabby, Class of 2019 I’m not really sure how Gabby isn’t a model, but she could 100% make that a thing. When I start off my shoots, I typically give a few posing tips (keep moving, pop a knee, etc.) but she didn’t even need them! She moved all on […]

Carsyn – OU Senior Photos – Class of 2018 I had admired Carsyn’s photography from afar until I moved back to Norman – then I got to admire it as her friend! I am so glad we got together for the first time just over a year ago because there is nothing like a friend […]

oklahoma senior

WOW I am behind on blogging. If you know me or another photographer, give them a hug. This time of year is overwhelmingly busy, but it is a great busy. Clients come first so while I may be behind on getting sessions up on my website, I refuse to be behind on delivering galleries!! It’s […]

Oh gosh I have been so excited to share Ashley’s senior photos all week! Talk about spunky and full of LIFE! What a treat to spend some time with her, hearing about her capstone group and her internship at Disney. She lights up the world! I am so bummed to be wrapping up senior sessions, […]