April 8, 2019

OU 2019 Graduate | Felicia | Norman Oklahoma Senior Photographer

ou senior stands in front of ivy wall at ou norman

Moment of honesty here – I’m having a REALLY hard time picking my favorite images as I am prepping these blog posts! I get so attached, not only to my girls, but to each of their photos and their personalities! I know how much time & energy they have invested into earning their degree. I’ve been there! It’s the most wonderful four years and often times some of the most trying. When it comes down to it, their graduation photos are the culmination of all the blood, sweat, and tears from the last four years at OU (okay, hopefully not blood! Haha!). There is nothing I want more than to help make them feel loved and prioritized throughout their senior experience with me and these images are a fun way to pre-game the real celebration in just a few short weeks!

Felicia’s photos are some of the most unique I think so far this year. We started on the south part of the South Oval and had a perfectly overcast evening, which meant we got to use a handful of new locations that I haven’t shot yet this year! This new friend has a lot of passions that I so enjoyed hearing about – from her dance career to her dream of becoming a doctor and working with Doctors Without Borders to her love of traveling! I was surprised to learn that the first time Felicia left the country wasn’t to go somewhere like London or Paris, but to UGANDA! That is a huge deal!! She is celebrating her graduation with a few more fun trips to California and Mexico this summer!

On that note – I think it’s about time I need to start scoping out flights for a little vacay! 🙂 Congratulations, Felicia!

ou senior holds hair while sitting on stairs for senior photos at ouI was LOSING MY MIND at this tree!!

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