I have shared a lot of my personal life & family on my blog, from the birth of a new niece or nephew to our big holiday lake weekends, but I think I’ve somehow missed giving a little bit of background on why the Fosters always have barbecue at our big family gatherings. My brother-in-law, […]


First of all I just have to say that I cannot get over how gorgeous the Wichita’s are. I’ve of course been out there before, but haven’t done a session in the area and the scenery was just beautiful. I am already looking for another excuse to head out that way! If you’ve been following […]


Hi friends! Meet Skye & Shawn! They got engaged over the summer in a darling backyard proposal, and I had the honor of getting to photograph them to celebrate this anticipatory and exciting chapter in their relationship! A few of my favorite things I learned about these two: they are super chill and laid back, […]


Last weekend, I was doing a scout/run-through with my friend Austin before his proposal. We drove up to the park location we had chosen to see dozens of cars lining the streets. This was not normal. When we had visited a few weeks earlier (around the same time, on the same day of the week), […]


Flippen Park is one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever seen. Apparently a bunch of other people think so, too, because I arrived there to meet Austin and almost couldn’t find a parking spot along the street in historic Highland Park. There were dozens of cars crowding the park and nearby homes. Once we […]


Annie’s face when she got out of the car with Jaret to meet me was one I wish I had captured on video because it was the cutest mix of confusion and excitement! She reacted this way because this whole shoot was a total surprise to her! I’ve of course been in on surprises for […]