ou graduation photos on campus

Katie stepped out of the car for her OU campus graduation photos saying, “Oh my gosh, I wish I could give you a hug!” And the feeling was mutual!!! Sometimes, I can just tell through emails when my girls are really my girls. They’re the ones that are really excited about not just having their […]

summer pregnancy photos celebrating baby

I LOVE the Sweeneys! I LOVE maternity photoshoots! I LOVE shooting on farm land! All the pieces of the puzzle were here for this shoot – a darling couple I adore, a beautiful summer evening, and LAND! Any opportunity I have to shoot on land or in the country is a dream come-true. There is […]

This was for sure one of my favorite Memorial Day weekends we’ve had at the lake. Getting to spend time with Jonathan is the best, but getting to see him interact with my nephews and help my dad around the dock is even better. He is so quick to jump in and help, he goes […]

OU Graduation Photographer

OU Graduation Photos | Ashley I could tell right off the bat that Ashley was going to be wonderful. Sincere, graceful, bubbly, and a fast friend. When we connected in March about rescheduling, she couldn’t have been more personable and understanding. And that was just over email! Ashley’s shoot came at the end of a […]

How precious are these?! Mackenzie is so full of joy and sincerity! I can’t tell you how much fun I had with her in front of the camera! She is a rockstar and has impressed me over the last year with her spiritual wisdom, maturity, and persistence. Just like Shannon (my senior from yesterday’s post!), […]

This season has been both rejuvenating and chaotic. I’ve loved being at home, not wearing makeup, my every day Lululemon uniform, the flexibility of working from home, and the general simplicity of life. On the other hand, there have been weeks that are entirely overwhelming and stress-inducing, both at OU and with MFP. I’ve sent […]