I’m gearing up for my favorite time of the year – graduation season! March through May is generally a marathon for me, full of shoots, blogs, and new celebrations. One of the best parts of it all is of course getting to meet so many new friends, but also getting to share a little bit […]

Part of my job is helping you to look your very best in front of the camera and there are a lot of little things I include in my MFP experience to achieve this. Today, we’re talking about three little adjustments you can make or directions you can give in your shoots (whether you’re the […]

Last weekend, I was doing a scout/run-through with my friend Austin before his proposal. We drove up to the park location we had chosen to see dozens of cars lining the streets. This was not normal. When we had visited a few weeks earlier (around the same time, on the same day of the week), […]

okc proposal ideas

Popping the question is such a FUN & unique moment in life, and it’s important that you are as prepared as possible as you begin the process! Outside of the basics – asking her parents for permission, designing the ring, picking a date, etc. – here are a few steps I recommend for how to […]

While many seniors wait until the spring to take graduation photos, I usually have a fun group of MFP seniors who graduate in December a semester early or a semester late, snagging the coveted fall themed photo sessions! (Not to mention they also get that extra football season – I SEE YOU!!!) That being said, […]

There’s a secret to taking photos that I didn’t learn until way too far in to my photography journey: there is nothing more important than finding good light. Now that I’ve given it away, you’re probably thinking, okay, but… What is good light? I know this might be annoying, but the definition/explanation is actually pretty […]