Summertime. Cookouts and barbecue. The lake. Fireworks. Bugspray and sunscreen. Red, white, and blue. Honoring the freedom and independence that so many have made the ultimate sacrifice for. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, I frequently listen to my Fourth of July playlist on Spotify, so it’s only natural that “God Bless America” was stuck […]

In case you haven’t heard yet, I!!! LOVE!!! THE!!! FOURTH!!! OF!!! JULY!!!!! (YES THAT MUCH!) And I am SO excited that I get to celebrate this amazing holiday all week long this year! Every summer growing up, I spent the fourth out in Missouri or Colorado at Kanakuk. It was the best time, with the […]

Have I mentioned that summer time is my favorite?¬†Because it is MY FAVORITE! The Fourth of July has always been special to me growing up because I spent it at Kanakuk Kamps! I got to watch fireworks at the lake with some of my dearest childhood friends that I only saw once a year in […]