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July Fourth at Lake Cypress Springs 2020 | My Favorite Holiday



Cookouts and barbecue.

The lake.


Bugspray and sunscreen.

Red, white, and blue.

Honoring the freedom and independence that so many have made the ultimate sacrifice for.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, I frequently listen to my Fourth of July playlist on Spotify, so it’s only natural that “God Bless America” was stuck in my head all weekend. I’ve shared the last three years about why I love this holiday so much. I recognize that our nation is not perfect. We are not without sin and shortcomings – because our country was created by sinful men, and is filled with sinful men still today. But what America was built on is what I still hold to today – that we have unalienable rights, given to us by God. That all men are created equal. That we have the right to speak freely. To worship freely. To defend ourselves and our families. The right to earn a living, to choose your career, to chase your dreams. The privilege of owning private property. I believe that we are to personally lend a hand to those in need, not relying on the government to play God and fix all of our problems.

As much pride as I have, I do not worship America. I do not worship my political party. I worship a holy and all-powerful God who reins over not just America, but over the universe. He has saved me from sin and death and reconciled me to Him through Christ alone. THAT is the greatest, and freest gift I’ll ever receive – one that I have done nothing to deserve or earn. My salvation is the biggest and best blessing from the Father, but it is not lost on me that he has also given me the privilege of being from the United State of America. Regardless of your background, economic status, family history…being an American, getting to live in the freest country to ever exist, and having the freedoms that we have is a great honor that many people have given up everything for.

My family spends every Fourth of July at the lake, and this one is especially sentimental. 2020 has put so many people through hell and back, and here we are – still standing, still honoring our country and the independence earned in 1776, and still holding to our freedoms. I pray in the weeks and months to come that those freedoms will remain. God Bless America!!!

Annual checkpoints – checked! Skiied & got up on the back of the boat without the ladder, hah! First Fourth with my boo! The man of my dreams. He went back and forth between the dock and the house for all the things. The snake on the dock. Dad got the pellet gun, shot it twice, and then realized he never loaded the gun. Hilarious.

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