When people ask how long I’ve been a photographer, I never really know what the right answer is. I officially started my business page on Facebook in November 2011, but I would say that things didn’t get real (which means I was shooting more than just concerts, events, and the occasional portrait session) until my […]

Brunette girl smiles for OU Norman Photographer

Phew, it was so nice to have the weekend off after the last few days I’ve had! I went home for my mom’s 60th birthday festivities on Thursday night…we had a big dinner at the country club Friday with her side of the family, and then a friends & family BBQ at the house on […]

It’s not very often that I get to photograph a guy senior! The men I do get the opportunity to work with (typically for proposals) are easy-going, easy to be around, go with the flow, and surprisingly open, and Blake was no exception! He is graduating with his bachelor’s and master’s degree from Price College […]

If I were to pick one way to describe Kaylee, it would be free spirit! Kaylee gave me so many Coachella vibes on our shoot – her fun, boho dress, long wavy hair, and killer green eyes just made her look like she stepped right out of the music festival and onto campus! Add in […]

This week is a milestone week for me – I have a blog a day coming at ya! Miss Emery is #3 out of 5 and I’m so thrilled to introduce her to y’all this Wednesday! One of the best ways I have been supported and cheered on is through word-of-mouth (WOM) referrals. I don’t […]

“I was honestly really nervous about this, but it ended up being SO much fun.” – THIS GIRL!!! This is what I love to hear! Faith has a corner of my heart because of this sweet comment right here, but also because she woke up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday for a […]