April 30, 2019

2019 OU Senior | Zoee | Norman Photographer

When people ask how long I’ve been a photographer, I never really know what the right answer is. I officially started my business page on Facebook in November 2011, but I would say that things didn’t get real (which means I was shooting more than just concerts, events, and the occasional portrait session) until my junior and senior year of college. I’m giving this background context because today’s senior is the sister of one of my FIRST clients – Caitlin Zuerker! Cait and I were Thetas together and we celebrated her graduation in the spring of 2015! It is a huge honor to have been the one to photograph both of them in such totally different time periods of my business and life!

Zoee and I had the perfect weather for her shoot, which I was thankful for because we were cutting it close with a few weather reschedules last week. Spruce also came in clutch and we were able to work things out with her hair and makeup appointments too. They killed it, as usual!

This girl is just stunning. She is composed, quiet, and definitely has a quirky side that I got to hear a little bit about on our shoot! Apparently she is the queen of pranks, and her family pulled one over on Caitlin years ago that involved frying pans and hiding in the dark! I’m not a big prankster, but I gotta give her props – it sounded like a good one!

TLAM, Zoee!!

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