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OU Admissions and Recruitment Highlights | A few of my 2019 favorites!


Remember the BEST parts about college? The freedom, being surrounded by your best friends 24/7, the energy and life on campus, having an abundance of school spirit and pride, and doing everything you could to make the sucky things fun and the fun things even more fun? Those are the feelings I get to experience and re-live every time I work with our OU Admissions & Recruitment students. They are the best of the best on campus and some of the most passionate Sooners you’ll meet. Each and every one of them is kind and warm, welcoming not just prospective students and families to campus, but everyone who walks through the doors of Jacobson Hall. Personally, I have received an abundance of encouragement and support from our students, whether it’s a @Go2OU post, the latest EMCOMM dream that has come-to-life, or my own personal photography business endeavors. I do not take it for granted! They are mentored by two of the most wonderful people on campus (shoutout to Swayde and Marissa!) and I hope you have the chance to get to know and interact with at least one of these incredible OU students. I also have the unique opportunities (and creative freedom) through OU to photograph student life events, casual/in-the-moment photos on campus, football games, and more. It’s life-giving to get to do what I love in a place I love so much!

I want to note – all of these images were taken for the office of Admissions & Recruitment – whether for print publications, events, social media, etc. Many of them have been shared at the links above, so please be sure to follow along with the team’s work there and help support our mission of recruiting the next class of the best and brightest students to the university! Our application is OPEN!

Our application is OPEN!! We ran a sticker campaign encouraging students to apply in August! If they are ultimately admitted, they’ll snag a few of these exclusive stickers in their admissions box this fall! How much fun are these!? I know our team has a personal favorite, but which one is yours?

university of oklahoma stickers

Of course I couldn’t leave out a few personal favorites from OU vs. South Dakota & OU vs. Texas Tech!

ou vs south dakota jalen hurts

OU vs. Texas Tech —-

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