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August 17, 2017

On a Shoot with Melanie – Norman Senior Photographer

You may not realize how fast my brain is moving when you’re on a shoot with me!

I look at where the light is, the location, how you’re placed in the frame of the shot, details like hair and jewelry, typically trying to fight the Oklahoma wind, thinking ahead of where we’re going next, giving direction and affirmation, etc. It’s not all that often that I even have someone else with me to get an inside look! Unless you’re a photographer as well, you may not realize everything going on in my head. By the end of the shoot, I feel like I ran a half marathon! And it’s THE BEST feeling!

If you’re worried about a photoshoot being awkward or uncomfortable, check out a couple of reviews from my past clients – they will tell you it is the exact opposite!

When one of my seniors last semester, Ashley, had some friends take a couple iPhone pics to share with her mom, I realized how fun it was to have behind the scenes photos! Since then, I’ve been a bit more intentional asking friends to take some and it’s fun to share a little of where I’ve been and who’s in front of my camera! I gathered as many as I could for this post! Hopefully it gives you a little inside look at what it feels like to be in front of my camera!

Ready to book a shoot with me? Limited number of fall sessions available – (PPSSSSST – looking at you seniors! :)) Reserve your date here!

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