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Memorial Day at Lake Cypress Springs & Life Lately


This was for sure one of my favorite Memorial Day weekends we’ve had at the lake. Getting to spend time with Jonathan is the best, but getting to see him interact with my nephews and help my dad around the dock is even better. He is so quick to jump in and help, he goes with the flow, and fits right in with my family! The highlight for me was watching him teach Knox to throw and catch a tennis ball. Pretty sure he had me tearing up several times! My heart was so full watching him serve both me and my family – I am blessed!

This weekend also consisted of a lot of driving. I made the trip to the lake on Thursday night from Norman (4 hours), and Jonathan came down Friday night. We had a slow Saturday morning with everyone before getting back on the road to head to Kaufman, TX for Chase and Emmaline’s wedding! Jonathan was one of the groomsman, and we were thankful that it worked out perfectly. We drove back to the lake Saturday night after the ceremony, had Sunday to enjoy on the water, and then went home Monday. The wedding was beautiful, and a much-needed break from quarantine to enjoy the company of friends and celebrate the start of the Tucker’s marriage!

A few other “Life Lately” iPhone photos included from April and May first!

Longest bike ride of my life….haha I had no idea what I was signing up for!


How cute is Harrison!!!!

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