January 24, 2018

Wednesday Whats – January 24

What I’m listening to:

What I’m loving:

  • I was home to watch the first hour of the Bachelor live this past Monday. I know, I know, it’s stupid but I watch it for the production insight! It’s fascinating to me! It was the first night this season I’ve been able to sit down and enjoy it! Side note – does anyone read the spoilers from Reality Steve? They are so entertaining and he released some pretty big info this week!
  • Epic Seed Greek Yogurt – okay healthy people, help me out here. Does a dairy-free, low-sugar, high protein yogurt exist? Or am I just clueless? Don’t laugh at me! Even if it’s dairy-free, low sugar, and I add in my protein with something else! What are my options? Epic Seed isn’t dairy-free but it was delicious and I can’t help but love them solely based on their Instagram feed hah!

What I’m excited about:

  • I made a big announcement this past week with some fun news that I am really looking forward to.
  • Speaking of announcements, I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’m rebranding! The pieces are coming together and I got my home page preview from my web designers – it blew me away. I’m trying to keep all the sneak peeks to myself so that it’s a total surprise (even though I know no one will be as excited as I am 😂)
  • Wrapping up final touches on my Business Basics guide! If you’re interested in learning about running a photography business, this is for you! I’ll be sharing more details in the coming weeks.
  • Okay and one non-business related one…oops. We’re celebrating my birthday this weekend with friends! Claire & I have the same birthday, so we always plan our parties together! It’s the best – almost like having a twin!!

Phone snaps from the week:

(My first time seeing Trae Young play! So fun to shoot court side at the OU vs. KU game) Still preaching this book if you haven’t heard me talk about it yet!

Delight is back y’all!! My heart!!

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