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Washington, D.C. Trip Photos – Melanie Foster Photography


I like to have something to look forward to every month or two, which is often why you will see me posting on Instagram in random places, including Washington, D.C. this weekend!

Katie and I planned this trip earlier this year when Southwest was having a sale – I had never been before and figured it would be a fun place to visit with lots of history, interesting things happening, and FOOD. If I learned anything this weekend it is that I travel for the restaurants. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are my favorite times of the day when I’m in a new city – getting to analyze the atmosphere, people watching, the variety on the menus, and then enjoying a new meal! I also learned that I have an obsession with marble. Washington D.C. is full of it – tables, stairs, monuments, random slabs in the middle of downtown – it was the best! It is so classic, clean, sophisticated, and it photographs beautifully. Sorry in advance to my future husband because we will be dishing out the $$$$$ for marble countertops in our future home…

Some of the highlights (for me): brunch at Founding Farmers & Ted’s Bulletin, the Library of Congress, dinner at Le Diplomate, and walking around looking at the homes in Georgetown. We also got to cheer on our Oklahoma Sooners against Ohio State on Saturday night with 100+ alumni and it was rowdy!! We were still trying to recover from the anxiety and excitement of it all the next morning!

Thanks to Katie for being the absolute BEST travel partner, planner, go-getter, and friend! I love exploring with you!

Take a look below at some of the most photogenic moments of our Washington, D.C. trip!

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