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Turning 26 – Melanie Foster Photography – Norman, Oklahoma Photographer


Turning 26 – Melanie Foster Photography – Norman, Oklahoma Photographer

Gosh, let me preface this by saying this is weak-sauce considering I had probably 40 photos or more in our 24th birthday blog post! Haha! Oh well! Claire (my best friend) and I share our birthday on February 1st, which is honestly a dream-come-true. First, because I hate being the center of attention, but second because there is NO ONE ELSE I would rather share the day with! It makes the celebration more fun, more community-focused, and takes all of the eyes off of just me. We had a group of maybe 25 or 30 friends over to my house (first party hosted at my new house, check!) for drinks and food and apparently not very many photos hahaha. You probably remember that Claire & Sam got engaged last spring, and this sweet sweet man that I get to give my best friend to in a few months showed up at my house early with a plethora of things for the party AND a bouquet of flowers. For me. There were tears. This is also the same sweet man who dances with me at every wedding I don’t have a date to, stands in as the over-protective brother when I go on dates, and is just all around the most thoughtful, funny, and tender-hearted guy. I love you two!

We also had 6 of the 7 Big Blue girls back together (the house we all lived in senior year at OU!) which was a birthday gift in and of itself. My “You’re a Badass” playlist on Spotify got a full play-through which means you know it was a good party. Also, please don’t judge me if you listen to that….it has a story behind it, I promise!

I could talk about my 25th year and all that it brought/everything that happened. I could also hash out any hopes I have for my 26th year. But instead, I think I’ll just let you know that this is a year I’m striving for no expectations. The Lord is faithful and sovereign and he brought me into 2019 reminding me of that promise – no matter what happens, he’s got me. I don’t know what he has for me today or tomorrow or on January 31, 2020, so I’m not going to guess, but I do know that he will be there and he will be working for His glory and my good, and I want my eyes to only be on him. There’s no one else I would rather have in control of my life or my heart.

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