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OKC Lifestyle Headshots – Courtney


OKC Lifestyle Headshots – Courtney

One of the reasons I love being a photographer is getting to meet new people and hear about where they are at in life, what the current season looks like, what they are dreaming about, etc. The quality time and quality conversation element of being a photographer is a big part of my “why”. While it is satisfying to be able to create something I am proud of, to hustle and work hard for it, and to overcome challenges, it wouldn’t be nearly as fulfilling or fun if you took the relational aspect out of what I do! It is a privilege to meet so many people across Norman and OKC that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have ever met and it is especially heartwarming when you get to connect with someone you have a lot in common with – like a kindred spirit or friendship. That was exactly what happened with Courtney last week when we got together for her OKC lifestyle headshots. She’s a year out of school, which I would venture to say is somewhat of a bittersweet time for most people as they try to figure out the real world and adjust to being thrown into a big pond with a lot of different fish. (At least that is how I felt!) Courtney, however, is owning it!! I cherish those first 12 months out of college and it is nostalgic and sweet to be able to hear about how it is going for others!

Courtney was a total champ and braved the cold with me for her shoot! It wouldn’t be typical Oklahoma without an insane amount of wind, and of course mother nature did not let us down with that either! Hah! I had on way more clothes and layers than she did and I was the one being a wimp!

Enjoy these colorful, energetic, and windy headshots of my new friend!! Be sure to scroll all the way through to the last one – it is MY FAVORITE!!!

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