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Things to Consider When Booking a Wedding Photographer


I am not a full-time wedding photographer, so I have no personal gain or stake in this post. I just hope that I can share my knowledge of the industry, experience with wedding vendors, and my personal opinions on what to look for and things to consider when booking a wedding photographer! If you’re recently engaged and researching wedding photographers, or know someone about to begin the search, read this first! Wedding photography is a big investment & it’s important to have someone you actually like and trust on your side. Not to mention, this person will be with you for almost every moment of your day!


  1. The obvious – consider their portfolio. For more than 5 minutes 🙂 Spend some time on their website, Instagram, and blog. Yes all three. This is super important because I can’t tell you how many photographers I have followed on Instagram that I was blown away by, until I looked at their blog. Ask in your initial inquiry to see a full wedding gallery. Do you like their editing style? (Are they dark and moody, light and airy, etc. & what will you love in 25 years?) Do they capture moments and details that are important to YOU?
  2. Do you click with them personally? A consultation, Skype date, or coffee meeting is a great way to find out. Additionally, take mental note of how they talk about themselves, their business, and their clients in person & across their captions and blog posts.
  3. Ask yourself what will make you and your fiancé feel most comfortable, particularly when it comes to posing. There are numerous techniques to posing, but ultimately you’re looking for someone who is going to give you direction while also making you feel confident and at ease. Ask about their shooting style or philosophy – how do they pose? Do they direct with action-based words or do they pose you themselves?
  4. Do you trust them and their experience?
  5. When deciding between your options – who do you feel would go above and beyond for you on your wedding day in the event that something goes wrong? Who will step outside of the job description of “photographer” and make sure YOU are taken care of?
  6. Professionalism. It’s underrated in this industry. Do they communicate well? Are they timely in responding? Are they genuinely excited about you and your wedding, or do you feel like they’re just going through the motions?
  7. Just because they are “insta-famous” does not necessarily mean they are the best fit for you. A close friend learned this recently for her wedding, and the experience was heartbreaking.


Another important note when asking for investment information – like any photographer, you’re not just paying for their time to shoot. They’re committing numerous hours on the front end communicating with you, prepping timelines, educating, and getting ready for your day! They’re also spending late nights editing, ordering gifts, designing wedding albums, blogging, etc. on the back-end of your shoot! Just keep this in mind when you’re receiving numbers. Photography, whether its for a wedding, an anniversary, or another exciting season in life, is an investment that is so worth it.


things to consider booking wedding photographer

(Also how about these images from the Sweet Peach Styled Shoot back in the spring of 2016? Freaking love them!)

I hope this helps as you are reaching out to photographers (and wedding vendors!) There are a lot of options out there, and having an idea of where to start and what you’re looking for is an important first step!!

Overwhelmed and need help narrowing down your search? Here are some of my favorite wedding photographers across Texas and Oklahoma. These ladies are the some of the absolute best and are on my own list for my future wedding!

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