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Skinny Pop Obsession – Oklahoma Portrait Photographer


I have an obsession with Skinny Pop.

You may already know this about me if you follow me on Instagram. Recently, I posted a photo of the 12 mega bags my mom bought and if you were wondering what that was all about, you’re about to find out.

I love this stuff so much that I decided to take my headshots in it. Not going to lie, pouring 9 or 10 of these bags in a baby pool for this shoot hurt my soul a little bit. But here’s to hoping that more Skinny Pop is on the way??? 😉

A little background: this all started when I began hoarding the mini bags at my office in Nashville. Once I introduced my mom to it, the game was over. She started buying the 14oz Skinny Pop bags at Costco and our world was never the same. Y’all…even my dog Addie loves it. She will not leave us alone when we have it open. Every time I go home, I have at least one bag waiting for me in my room to take back to Oklahoma with me. And every single time it feels like freaking Christmas morning. I am never without a full bag in my house!

Weird as hell? Yup. But little things like Skinny Pop, my frequent visits to Chipotle, and the fact that I cry at OU football games are just part of who I am!

For more of the things I love, take a look at some of my personal blogs. Super special shoutout to my friend Carsyn Abrams for snapping these photos for me! You’re the best!

skinny pop is life skinny pop skinny pop is life skinny pop is life skinny pop is life skinny pop is life

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