April 2, 2019

These are a few of my favorite things!

A few months ago, I was challenged to write down a list of things that “fire me up”. Of course, the first things I thought of were pretty predictable – OU Football & Skinny Pop Popcorn. But I wanted to go beyond those surface-level things and get more into the nitty-gritty things…the things you may only know or find out about me if we’ve spent some time together. These are the things that I just get jazzed about, sometimes without even realizing it or noticing. So here’s my ever-growing list of my favorite things in life! Do we have any of these in common?

  • Hearing a song that resonates with my current situation or season of life.
  • Receiving a thoughtful gift (especially if it’s from someone I love!)
  • Cozying up on the couch in my barefoot dreams blanket, a cup of tea or my dinner, and having shows to catch up on on the DVR (SURVIVOR!!!!!!)
  • A really good sunset over the lake or over an open field.

  • A well-proportioned bowl at Chipotle – you know what I’m talking about! When all the ratios are just right!
  • Being so obsessed with photos I took of clients that I want to make them the background on my own phone.
  • Fresh flowers (specifically from The Flower Shop!)


  • Driving around Norman at golden hour in the summer, windows down, blasting country music.
  • Being home alone to recharge. (Shoutout to my introverts!)
  • Getting to do my favorite Nashville things – eating at The Pharmacy, Jeni’s, finding a skyline view!


  • Opening a brand new bag of Skinny Pop.
  • Drinking out of a new cute coffee mug for the first few times.
  • Being surprised! I LOVE surprises!
  • Dancing with a really good two-stepper. You can’t have a bad time with a good dancer!


  • Merlot on a Friday night.
  • Lindt dark chocolate.
  • Leaving a great workout at OrangeTheory Moore. Especially when it’s Coach Kyle!!! You know you have to bring your A-game in his class!
  • Wearing a new outfit for the first time!


  • Intentional conversations and quality time with someone important to me.
  • Walking around the OU campus when the weather is nice & everything is green!
  • Drinking coffee in bed during my quiet time in the mornings.


  • The feeling of accomplishment after completing a project on my own without a man’s help.
  • Having a man to help on a project 🙂 Especially when it’s something like cleaning out my storm shelter of bugs at the start of the spring season…NEVER. AGAIN.
  • A fresh haircut or blowout.
  • Bright rooms with a lot of natural light and windows.


  • Last but not least – when my whole family is TOGETHER! Our “goofy” photos are some of my favorites!


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