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The Next Chapter for Melanie Foster Photography | Part II


bartlesville photographer announcement

This is a BIG WEEK!

A few weeks ago, we announced that Melanie Foster Photography is moving to Bartlesville! Today, we’re letting you in on ANOTHER secret we’ve been keeping…

As of this Friday, I will officially be a full-time photographer!

For SEVEN YEARS, I’ve dreamt about this day! And even getting to announce it today, it doesn’t feel real!

Let’s rewind a bit. I think most kids have a mid-college crisis, right? Mine came at the start of my junior year, and at that time I knew that my goal was to work for myself and grow my business – that is what I was the most excited about for my future. Of course, there were a lot of reasons for why this has not been a feasible option. I ultimately chose to pursue professional real-world experience and to learn under more experienced mentors. And I am SO glad I did! Right out of college, I spent 18 months working in video production at a PR agency in Nashville, Tennessee before moving back to Norman to start my career at OU (and run my business more consistently!) Then, the past four years working in social media management and content development, my days were centered around crisis communication, running social media accounts with six figure follower counts, and crafting wide-ranging and curated content for our university channels.

This year, as Jonathan and I started talking about my move to Bartlesville and what we envisioned for our family, we knew this was the time to take the leap, quit my full-time job at OU, and dive head first into married life and establishing the business as a Bartlesville photographer. I wouldn’t be able to do this without him.

I think this is also a great time to share about our priorities. We are thrilled that this will allow me the opportunity to work from home, and in the home – something that I wouldn’t have been able to do while working full time for another employer. We believe that what we see in scripture is that women are given the great honor and privilege of caring for their husbands, homes, and children. We believe that is the first priority – over a business, a job, a hobby, self care, etc. There are a lot of different ways this might look for people, but for us, right now, it means I will get to devote my time to serving God through the care of my husband and home first. In this season, that also means I will spend my time serving God through the gifts he has given me in my business, too – by stewarding those well, and by serving my clients in a way that is glorifying to him. I will always put my family and my home first, and this decision is allowing me to do so.

Knowing the flexibility my business allows me, we knew that this would be the right next step – not only for setting the foundation for our marriage and family, but for my business to grow and thrive in Bartlesville.

For four years I have been tied to my phone and social media channels. Starting Friday, I will be taking a much-needed week off to reset and unplug (with the exception of the Lunch Break Blog – that will still go live next Tuesday!) Leading into our wedding next month, there will be new boundaries in place, and these social media detoxes will be much more prevalent in the months to come. As much as I love staying connected and sharing our life, I am so looking forward to the flexibility and freedom to hit the reset button as we wish. I cannot wait to fully devote my time and energy to being present with my husband and intentionally pursuing my business whole-heartedly.

bartlesville photographer poses with fiance

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