March 9, 2020

Rent the Runway Tips | My Rotating Wardrobe Secret

rent the runway tips

I’ve linked to this account & referenced it before, but I would venture to say that a lot of you may be learning something new today as I share about my rotating wardrobe! This is all thanks to Rent the Runway – a company that allows women to rent designer clothes – sweaters, jeans, casual dresses, work attire, formal gowns, ski-wear, handbags, accessories and more – for a fixed monthly price. On an RTR unlimited membership, you pick 4 items to rent. They ship them your way. You try on, wear them, and send pieces back at any point in time as you wish. After you ship your item(s) back to the RTR warehouse, your next spot opens up for another round! You can rotate and return as often as you’d like. I typically get 18 – 25 items a month out of my membership, even though I only have 4 pieces at home at one time.

I’m sure it sounds ridiculous and unnecessary, because it did to me when I started my first month back in January of 2019, but it’s been one of the most fun parts of the last year. I never have to worry about shopping for events. I get to branch out of my comfort zone and try new things consistently. I do less laundry (RTR takes care of the dry cleaning!). I spend less money on clothes and shopping every month because I have a set budget for my fixed membership fee. (This was the biggest selling point to me.) And I found community amongst other renters who share new items, fit & style tips, and recommendations!

There is a bit of a learning curve with the RTR unlimited membership – I found out a lot the hard way about how to make the most of my rentals and the system. If you’re new to RTR, or are interested in testing it out for a month, you can sign up for $59 (that’s $100 off!), but be sure to check out my Rent the Runway tips and tricks below to take full advantage of all the fun! And don’t forget to browse some of my favorite wins & fails on my rental instagram account!

Read on: Rent the Runway tips and how to make the most of your Rent the Runway Unlimited Membership

1. Curate your heart lists, or your favorites, based on your events, seasons, etc. Overload them with stuff you love and like, but be willing to pick both some basics and possibly wild pieces. Oftentimes, inventory will be unavailable depending on your timing, day of the week, etc., so you can’t get too set on specific things unless you have a spot open right then. I have a “next” list I work off of that are my top picks for upcoming weather or events for the week.

2. Your first shipment you will receive all four items in one bag. Acquire 1 or 2 extra bags (so you can ship back pieces separately without having to wait for most recent rental and the bag to return) by shipping an item back in your own box via UPS (be sure to get tracking info!). You can also do this by returning items at a physical RTR dropbox (closest one to Oklahoma is at the Dallas Galleria. I visit frequently when I’m home to see family!), or by purchasing one of your rented items. Your next spot will open immediately.

3. Use UPS drop boxes or physical locations to ship back and track/document everything. This is overkill, but I like to make sure I have records of stuff in the event it gets lost. I take pictures as I’m dropping off and then add the tracking info to my UPS app! If you have any issues along the way, RTR customer service is generally helpful (especially on Twitter!), but they are inconsistent. Something to keep in mind.

4. As you’re tracking your items on their return to RTR, also be tracking the app on the scheduled day of their arrival. Items will scan in at various times throughout the morning and early afternoon, and your spots will often open up in the app before you are notified via push notification or email.

4. Join the member-run RTR Facebook group or delve into the RTR instagram world for outfit inspiration, personal cheerleaders, and recommendations! There are women from all over the country in the group and we love to hype each other up, complain together, and share our favorite failures and wins!

5. Read reviews and view other renters images for sizing recommendations. It’s rare that I have a piece that just flat out doesn’t fit. I have often found that I can size up or down one size (depending on the item) and generally get away with wearing it, too.

6. Simple, but a game-changer. Use the RTR app, not the website!

Are you on the rental game? Is it something you’d like to try? Let me know in the comments or shoot me a note!!

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