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Our 36 Hour Trip to Salida, Colorado and COVID-19


What a time to be alive! I think it’s safe to see we are all trying to adjust to this new normal. It honestly feels like we’re living in a movie, but I’ve loved the change in pace and the way our communities have rallied together to show support for those affected by the current circumstances with COVID-19 and the Coronavirus.

Before I jump in, I want to address my shooting schedule and plans for the spring. As many of you know, April and May is my “senior marathon” season. This year, I took on less seniors in order to maintain some level of sanity. I’m thankful for the Lord’s providence, as I had no idea last year when I decided this that I would be traveling between Norman and Bartlesville, planning our wedding, managing my busiest season, AND that this crisis would be hitting simultaneously. I’ve touched base with each of my seniors, and here’s what I know: we will celebrate. Whether it ends up being in late April or August. We will photograph you in celebration of your accomplishments, even if it is in the midst of unknowns and chaos. At this time, I have rescheduled a handful of you, but I am planning to move forward with the shoots that are currently on the calendar, pending any major restrictions, illness, or changes to the status of this situation. Things might look a bit different in that campus won’t be quite as busy, it may not be as manicured, and we will maintain 6+ feet at all time! Flexibility will be key, and I’ve already blocked off fall dates that will be priority for my OG spring girls to make sure they can stay on my schedule if we postpone. I know this isn’t ideal, and I know you all were looking forward to this season of lasts, but it does mean more time to celebrate in the long-run!

Last week, Jonathan and I took our engagement photos with our wedding photographer in Tulsa! It was right as everything started to spiral, and I was panicked about Katelyn & Michael flying. Thankfully they made it, we got to shoot without any rain, and we are IN LOVE with the images! The next morning, we packed up to drive to Salida, Colorado with Jonathan’s family and made the 12 hour treck. That night, literally minutes before we all said goodnight and went to bed, we got the notification that Colorado was shutting down all ski resorts. While it wasn’t ideal, we enjoyed our Sunday breakfast, went for two hikes, walked around town, and got to spend some quality time together that otherwise may not have been quite as quality as if we were on the mountain. We decided to drive home on Monday, the full 12 hours again, and made it back to Bartlesville late. The time spent with his family is priceless to me, and on top of the change in plans, I’ve been able to work from Bartlesville and spend even more quality time cooking, catching up on the history channel, joking around, practicing our dance moves for the wedding, and resting. We are privileged to be together, and to be healthy.

Enjoy a few of my favorite images from the 36 hour trip below! I’ll see you soon, CO! (And please stay healthy, friends!)


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