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OU Campus Graduation Photos | Katie S. | 2020 Senior


ou graduation photos on campus

Katie stepped out of the car for her OU campus graduation photos saying, “Oh my gosh, I wish I could give you a hug!” And the feeling was mutual!!! Sometimes, I can just tell through emails when my girls are really my girls. They’re the ones that are really excited about not just having their photos taken by anyone, but are specifically pumped about being an MFP senior and getting the full graduation experience. Katie is one of my people! I could tell how eager she was right off the bat, and it carried us through one of my favorite campus graduation photo sessions to date!

A little about Katie

She came to OU after following in her older sister’s footsteps! She loved her time serving through Big Event and Tri Delta. Katie is a fast friend, easy going, and so trusting! I was honored that she made the drive up from Denton for our rescheduled date, and that the weather worked out in our favor! Katie just moved to Denton to start school at Texas Women’s for Occupational Therapy – a field I know she will thrive in.

As far as her senior shoot goes…

These are some of my favorite photos because they feel like “me”. I know that probably sounds weird, but I’m really proud of the way my style has developed over the last several years, and Katie’s shoot is a really great example of it. We got a really good mix of classic portraits. Shallow depth of field, lots of greens and negative space, and posing that is natural, engaging, and inviting. We also captured photos that have layers and visual interest. This is something I’ve tried to focus on a bit more recently – I really do tend to lean toward classic and minimal, but I’ve started to warm up higher frequency images. That means images that are a bit busier, have a little more going on in them, but intrigue the eye with layers and depth. A great example of the contrast between these two types of images is the first pairing below! The left is a lower frequency image, where your eye is focused directly on Katie. The one paired next to it on the right is busier – more greenery and leaves, a wider depth of field, and more pieces to the composition of the image that ultimately works because they are laid out in a way that still draws the eye to Katie!

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