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OU 2020 Senior | Mackenzie R. | Joyful Graduation Photos


How precious are these?! Mackenzie is so full of joy and sincerity! I can’t tell you how much fun I had with her in front of the camera! She is a rockstar and has impressed me over the last year with her spiritual wisdom, maturity, and persistence. Just like Shannon (my senior from yesterday’s post!), she is also graduating in 3 years! And with a perfect 4.0! Anyone else have these bragging rights? We made sure to celebrate the accomplishment with photos of Mackenzie wearing her 4.0 medal – the coolest thing!

One of the things I love about Mackenzie is her unabashed obsession with OU Football. She shared some of her favorite college memories with me – like getting up at the crack of dawn to get a spot for College Gameday at the OU/Texas game! This girl is a college football fan through and through! She was so intentional about her time in school, not only investing as the Delight Director, but with her girlfriends (she’s part of the same sweet friend group as Shannon!), Soonerthon, several non-profits, and PRSSA in Gaylord College! Getting involved and finding her people made OU home for Mackenzie, and just reinforced that you will get out what you put in to your college experience! Jonathan and I talk about our time at OU and how different our experiences and perceptions were – even though we were there at the same time. He didn’t get quite as involved in the extra curricular’s as I did. But I also didn’t have straight A’s like my smarty pants fiancé! 🙂

Mackenzie – you are an absolute joy! Thank you for being so easy to photograph, for “going with the flow”, and for entrusting me to help celebrate your graduation from OU!! And thank you for being the BEST encouragement – y’all she literally texted me the sweetest words just minutes before I hit “publish” on this post!

Here are a few of my favorites from this joyful session!

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