April 26, 2018

Shae – 2018 Norman Senior Photos – OU Photographer

norman senior photographer Shae – 2018 Norman Senior Photos – OU Photographer

Things I loved about Shae & Shae’s shoot:

  • Both Shae’s mom & my mom got to be at this one! Tracy – you were the best assistant! Thank you for all of your help! (Side note – Shae & her mom have matching tattoos! See if you can spot which one it is in these photos…)
  • I would have never guessed this before our shoot, but Shae had modeling training as a kid that 100% paid off. She was one of the most natural & easy people I’ve had in front of my camera!
  • Her hair & makeup was so on point – I’ve only ever seen her at the gym so getting to see Shae all done up was SO FUN!
  • That lavender top…this is EXACTLY what I’m talking about in my senior style guide!
  • We made it into the STADIUM! I don’t typically shoot there anymore for a couple of reasons (one being that it’s not always open), but we took the risk at the end of the night. We even ran into Rodney Anderson on our way & lucked out with being able to get inside for our last location. What a treat!
  • Shae is super fun & open-minded…she is easy to talk to, energetic, and the life of the party! She’s heading off to PT school wherever the wind blows her! I can’t wait to see what is in store for you, friend!

norman senior photographer

BONUS: A few behind-the-scenes photos from my mom!! (lol) I was SO excited to have these!


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