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Newlywed Portraits | Dodger and Sara | Norman, Oklahoma Photographer


newlywed portraits in norman oklahoma

Newlywed photos? Engagement photos? Family photos? Haha I have no idea what we are calling these, but it doesn’t matter because I LOVE THEM! Dodger and Sara have a unique story, but were so gracious to invite me to capture the unexpected season they found themselves in after COVID-19 busted their June wedding plans! With dreams of getting married on a scenic lookout this summer in Montana complete with a campfire, s’mores, and hotdogs, they instead opted for a March courthouse wedding. They didn’t have a photographer there on their big day, so we made up for it with these precious photos of the two of them to celebrate!

These two met at a summer camp, and surprised me with how wise beyond their years they are. They are solid – so mature and grounded, and yet so young! Sara and Dodger are youthful, energetic, laid back, and God-centered.

One of the fun parts about this was that Sara and I connected on so much that we ended up extending our shoot because we talked for so much of it haha. She originally found me through Allie Stuckey’s headshots in late 2018, so I knew we would have quite a bit in common there. What I didn’t know what how much we had in common in regards to our beliefs and views on worldview and culture. I love getting to talk with friends who “just get it”, and Sara is one of those friends!

I loved that we got to celebrate Sara and Dodger the same week as their original wedding date, making it all that much more special! I pray that their marriage is filled with joy for years to come!

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