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In-Home Newborn Photos | Austyn Vera | OKC Photographer


in-home newborn photos

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it forever – getting to photograph multiple seasons of life for friends and clients is a DREAM!

Taylor and Trevor emailed me late last week asking if I’d be available for last minute in-home newborn lifestyle photos of baby Austyn and there was absolutely NO WAY I was passing that up! We celebrated their pregnancy announcement last November (which was the BEST surprise – I didn’t find out until the very end of our shoot!), their maternity photos on the land in El Reno in May, and now the sweetest gift of their little girl! Taylor and Trevor went in for an appointment at 36 weeks, and ended up delivering Austyn soon after! I knew parenthood would look good on these two, but you wouldn’t believe how wonderful it was to see them in their element throughout our shoot!

My favorite moment from this session was Taylor tearing up as she watched Trevor and Austyn for their individual photos together. There is something so sweet about the new relationship between a father and a daughter, and I hope to be standing in Taylor’s shoes, watching my own husband hold our newborn in the next few years. It brings tears to my own eyes just thinking about!!!! In our brief time together, we did a lot of maneuvering and rearranging with Austyn, and she literally didn’t make a peep the whole time. I guess she kept her parents up most of the night before, and after a good 3 hour nap that morning, she was wiped out! I loved watching them dote and love on her. Children are the most precious gift, and the more time I spend around babies, the more I begin to grasp the love a parent has for their child.

Honored to celebrate these precious moments of this new family of THREE! (Plus the pups – can’t forget Mellie and Finn!)

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