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New Years Eve Getaway 2020-2021 | Santa Rosa Beach Florida Photos | 30A Trip


Happy 2021!!! We had a whirlwind of a holiday season…especially with it being our first one married! After quick trips to Branson, MO with the Russell side and Plano, Texas for my family’s Christmas, we jetted off (after about 7 flight delays!) to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida with some of our best friends to ring in the new year! We enjoyed a much-needed weekend getaway with the Painters, Thompsons, and Watts full of games, football, beach walks, good food, naps, and chill-time.

Jonathan and I went to Santa Rosa Beach for our honeymoon back in September so this beautiful beach town will always have a little piece of our hearts. Kylie and Dylan so generously hosted us at Kylie’s parent’s home, a little bit farther west of the main beaches, and we absolutely loved it. We were pretty smitten by their quaint and cozy neighborhood – a 30 second walk to the neighborhood pool and about 4 minutes to private beach access. We were looking at real estate all weekend, and I was of course daydreaming about the day when we could potentially have a little permanent getaway of our own! (Slim chance this will ever happen – my husband burns at the mere sight of the sun, but a girl can dream, right?)

The four of us girls have been friends since early on in college, and I can’t tell you how much of a blessing it’s been to stay close and walk with each other through each and every season – especially now that we are all married! Claire and Sam tied the knot in June of 2019, with Kylie and Dylan soon after in November, and then Sloan and her Jonathan this past summer! I am so thankful that all of our guys get along so well and can so easily hang out together!

I figured this first blog of the new year might be a good time to share a little announcement – the #lunchbreakblog is officially entering into retirement. I am so proud of the commitment I made and followed through on with blogging once a week (or more!) every week for two years. I am proud I managed my business and my full-time job at OU, and I am proud I now have the opportunity to stay home to take care of our household, my husband, and invest in our community here in Bartlesville! I will still be blogging client work and personal posts every now and then (and will likely stick with my Tuesday blog days), but things just won’t be quite as consistent. Most weeks I felt like I had maybe one or two readers based on feedback and interactions I would have on IG or with friends, but I know from my website stats that there were so many more of you that checked in and followed along. THANK YOU! If you are a consistent reader, let me know in the comments of this post so that we can keep in touch! Plus, if you comment, you’ll get a notification every time there is something new so you won’t miss a post!

Enjoy a few favorites from our Santa Rosa Beach Florida Photos!!

We were in the airport from 6:30AM – 8:30PM. Wouldn’t have wanted to be stranded with anyone else! He makes it fun! santa rosa beach florida photos santa rosa beach nye santa rosa beach fl photos santa rosa beach fl photos nye pictures santa rosa beach florida 30A photos

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