April 12, 2021

Madison | Spring 2021 OU Graduation Pictures | University of Oklahoma

Meet Madison – my second senior this spring! I was so excited to finally meet Madison – she got in touch with me late last summer, and after finding out she was a Bartlesville native, I knew we’d have a lot to talk about! She graduated the same year as my brother-in-law, Matt, and turns out, her boyfriend (who was on the shoot with us) graduated just a few years behind Jonathan and knew him from debate! They were Mr. Chatty Kathy’s the whole session which absolutely cracked me up. Talking all things science and medical school!

Of course it wouldn’t be OU graduation season without some rainy weather, which just happened to be in the forecast for the day of our session. I always keep an eye on things the days leading up to shoots, but it’s SO hard to know what will actually come of the weather in Oklahoma. We ultimately decided to move our shoot up several hours, and I was so thankful for Madison’s flexibility and quick responses as we made a last minute call the night before her shoot! As it turns out, we ended up not having any precipitation that night (typical Oklahoma!), but the wind and cold front that blew in that evening was no match, even for the best of us. We definitely wouldn’t have wanted to go up against it, so moving our start time ended up being a GREAT decision!

Lesson learned – if you’re a 2021 senior, or are planning to take senior photos in the next few years, this is a great thing to consider! Consider keeping the day of y our session fairly flexible. It is a HUGE benefit if that extra time is needed! This also includes any hair and makeup appointments! The earlier in the day you have those scheduled, the better.

I had a lovely afternoon with Madison, chatting about Taylor Swift, all things Bartlesville, and the job search! Congratulations, Madison!

senior graduation photos holding cap and smiing ou campus senior pictures senior graduation photos on ou campus

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