April 13, 2021

Emily | 2021 OU Graduation Pictures | Norman Senior Photographer

Emily | 2021 OU Graduation Pictures | Norman Senior Photographer

It is a HUGE honor to help celebrate Emily with her 2021 OU graduation pictures! I left our session feeling like I had just photographed a campus queen – she is one of the brightest, most bubbly personalities on campus and absolutely RADIATES joy in every part of her. I shouldn’t have been surprised at this after having her in a special OKC shoot we did together for Admissions & Recruitment a few years ago! Emily is warm, personable, and everyone that knows her loves her! Also…this girl doesn’t take a bad picture. It is unbelievable how many stunning photos we captured of her!

One of my favorite things about Emily is that she is an east Texas girl. She is originally from Sulphur Springs, which is just a hop, skip, and jump down the road from my parent’s lakehouse. We grew up going to the Sulphur Springs Walmart for our big grocery runs or a special trip out of Mt. Vernon! I loved getting to connect with her on this and absolutely adore her story about how she ended up at OU from Sulphur Springs. The next time you see her, ask her about it! It’s a joy to know that she has had the opportunity to share both this story and her passion for OU with hundreds of high schoolers throughout her college career as she served as a tour guide. And a literal tour guide queen at that – she is just adored by everyone in the OAR office!

Emily is moving to Dallas post-graduation and I am thrilled she will get to be closer to home and to family, have the opportunity to live with a close friend in downtown Dallas, and start her professional career with an impressive organization! We loved spending the evening with Emily and Davis, and are thrilled to share these final photos with everyone!

I will forever be oohing and ahhing over this one – you’re one in a million, Emily!

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  1. Clay Johnson says:

    Melanie, your comments about our Emily touched our hearts as parents. You captured her joyous spirit inside and out. We could not be more pleased with the pictures! You are so talented and we will treasure the pictures always!

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