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Life Lately – May Snaps


I think I forget how busy the spring/early summer is outside of graduation season. Everything from friends engagements to weddings, birthdays, concerts, and trips! It’s such a fun time of the year and it doesn’t hurt that the weather is pretty much perfect (with the exception of all the severe storms we’ve had lately, but that’s a blog post for another day…)

The funny thing is that I think most of these May snaps were taken in a period of about 8 or 9 days – this has hardly been photos from my whole month! There was just a lot crammed in to a short amount of time, so I had a lot going on that involved dressing up, putting on a full face of makeup, and driving all over town for. It has all been so worth it. I’m loving the opportunity to celebrate my friends who are entering new and exciting seasons of life and getting to spend time together in community. Here are a few of the highlights!

  • Kylie & Dylan’s proposal and engagement! I had the chance to be a part of this one in a way that I hadn’t experienced yet. Claire and I were one of Kylie’s “stations” along a path she walked before meeting Dylan and getting engaged! We got to pray over her and give her a big hug before sending her off!
  • Midday campus walks. Sometimes photo walks, sometimes prayer walks. Sometimes both. Just a few minutes to step away from my desk and reset before jumping back into work. And I love how dead OU is in the summer time – it’s peaceful and quiet and dreamy with everything in bloom.
  • Cute cookies x 2 – I am a sucker for these
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum, I bought a juicer and have been testing out a handful of recipes. I have a love-hate relationship with it because it’s just kinda trendy and silly but they sure taste good! And for someone who doesn’t eat a ton of veggies, I think it’s been a really good thing for me,
  • A group of us went to the Ariana Grande concert in OKC at Chesapeake and danced ALL NIGHT! I think Ariana is this generation’s Mariah Carey – the girl’s got some pipes.
  • My cousin Matt got married this past weekend! We are PUMPED to welcome Mel into the family! I took their engagement photos last fall in Highland Park!
  • I spent the weekend at home for the wedding and loved some time with my niece & nephews! (And a new favorite juice spot – Nektar!)


Mid-day campus walks in the summer are my favorite. Everything is so quiet. Survivor finale with Kaitlin and Amy – how adorable are these cookies Kaitlin got? Splurge this month was the Ariana Grande concert! We sat in the second to last row (lol) but had a blast!

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