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Life Lately – March 2019 – Melanie Foster Photography


March marks the end of the offseason and the start of my busiest & favorite time of year – GRADUATION SEASON! In just a few weeks, campus will be blooming again and my first few seniors of the 2019 year will be photographed and celebrated! I can’t wait to kick things off!

There have been a couple of exciting things that have happened in my world the past few weeks. Probably the most precious is that I have a new nephew! This is the fourth kiddo to join the family, and the husbands and boys officially outnumber the Foster girls! It was so sweet to be there to welcome James into the world. I’ve never held a newborn so fresh and he is just the sweetest thing.


My best friend, Claire, is getting married this June, so the maid of honors and our moms hosted a shower for our girl in Edmond. I loved having so many friends all together, and she is well deserving of all the attention and love! Her wedding is less than three months away! It is so fun to look back on her proposal story and photos as we prepare for the big day – I CANNOT WAIT!

life lately march

Red Kate Spade Heart Midi dress is from Rent The Runway. (Last month I talked about how this is changing my life!!!)

I was honored to be the photographer for Trey & Keely’s rooftop proposal – they were just darling and their families made me feel right at home throughout the entire evening! I loved how the photos turned out…clean, classic, springy, and just perfect! Something I didn’t mention in their blog post, but I think is a great learning lesson, is that there was actually a curveball thrown our way when we got there. I drove up to find a loiterer at the entrance/exit to the elevator in our parking garage location – he was just hanging out and eating. This was the exact spot Trey was planning to meet Keely when she arrived. Trey and I weighed our options – I could approach him and politely let him know what was about to happen in hopes that he would be willing to leave, but we ultimately decided against it and made a minor change in Keely’s plans instead. I think the risk of angering this man would have been higher than any normal setting when something similar has happened, and thankfully everything worked out as planned beyond that hiccup. You gotta roll with the punches!! Keely’s friends brought her up the staircase instead, and the man left at some point, but was never a distraction from the big moment!

OKC Proposal Ideaslife lately march

Happy happy happy!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some color and greenery outside, patio-hangs, and neighborhood walks!! Let’s goooooo spring! See you next Tuesday, friends!

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