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Johnsons | 2021 Winter Family Photos | Family Photos in Bartlesville


Johnsons | Family Photos in Bartlesville

family photos in bartlesville

Johnsons | Family Photos in Bartlesville

Big deal here…not only did I LOVE photographing the Johnsons, but I also LOVED shooting in late December!! What is happening to me!? This time of year is usually my off-season – I intentionally do not book anything unless it is a special occasion from December – March for multiple reasons. Everything is dead you guys. It is brown and tan everywhere, there is no life, we have to shoot starting at 4PM, and it’s hard to get the golden warmth and color that I love! But this session may have single-handedly changed my mind on that! I do have to laugh though – the golden warmth was there, but for some reason this photos have the highest kelvin color temperature in post I have ever had, hah!

We wanted to gift our pastor and his family a session while their oldest two boys were in town for the holidays, and I’m SO glad we did it. They are such a photogenic family, and for not having had photos taken for the last five years, they were pros. Pastor Johnson spent his career in the military and they settled here in Bartlesville after his retirement a few years ago. After so many moves over the years, I am so glad we were able to capture them for the first time in their new home in Oklahoma!

Pastor Johnson and Cathy are so special to us. Not only is he one of the most gifted teachers, but Cathy could be a chef. Every time we’ve been to their home or they’ve delivered a meal, we RAVE about the food. And her presentation is so top-notch it is cookbook worthy! We have so many talented and hospitable women in our church that I aspire to be like, and Cathy has set such a high example. One of the first memories that comes to mind from Hope was my first Sunday visiting, just a few weeks after Jonathan and I started dating. We had attended the annual Christmas Progressive dinner the night before where I met a ton of our now dearest friends, and the next day, Pastor Johnson welcomed me in the door by name. Not only that, but I was blown away by how he knew and said every single person’s name that went through communion.

So thrilled with these glowing winter family photos in Bartlesville! We love the Johnsons!



family photos in bartlesvilleHow cute are they!!! family photos in bartlesville winter family photos in bartlesville

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