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Good Things BBQ Pop-Up | Celestial Beerworks | Dallas Barbecue


I have shared a lot of my personal life & family on my blog, from the birth of a new niece or nephew to our big holiday lake weekends, but I think I’ve somehow missed giving a little bit of background on why the Fosters always have barbecue at our big family gatherings. My brother-in-law, Andrew, quietly turned his hobby into a career, and has built quite the production through Good Things BBQ. For the last few years, he’s been working at one of the best BBQ restaurants in Texas and we couldn’t be more proud! Andrew put together several BBQ pop-ups in Dallas earlier this year too, so I made it a priority to be there for his last one back in September. I’ve always loved getting to photograph people in their element, doing something they love, and it’s particularly special when it’s family! My sister is the best co-pilot and cheerleader too, and I so enjoy getting to see their teamwork and passions come to life.

James was there (their first baby!), the food was unbelievable (as expected), and it’s safe to say I am spoiled by the brisket. It’s unreal. I would not have considered myself a big barbecue person before Andrew started doing this, and now I’m hooked! Check out the macro/close-ups at the bottom – I was freaking out after taking those!! The detail and texture is unreal!

Aaaaaand now I’m hungry!!

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