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Dusti, Colton, and Callahan | In-Home | OKC Family Photos


Dusti, Colton, and Callahan | In-Home | OKC Family Photos

Dusti’s dress is from the MFP client closet. Shop it here.

Colton’s jeans from Wrangler, t-shirt from Target.

Dusti has been a friend for years. Our meeting story is a little fuzzy because it started all the way back in college when we were both working out at Koda Crossfit Norman! After graduation, we both moved outside of the area (she was in Tulsa while I was in Nashville) but ended up back in Norman at the same time, back at Koda, and both working at OU! There were many shared lunch breaks at Chipotle on campus corner and walks around campus. We bonded over our shared faith, convictions within the higher education world, and of course a healthy lifestyle. Dusti has been such a wonderful and wise friend through so many life struggles. And now motherhood!

I loved meeting Callahan and getting to celebrate this new season of life with them. But I think one of my favorite parts though was getting to hear about a huge answered prayer after a long and difficult season she and her husband walked through together. Dusti let me in to the struggle a while ago and I have consistently thought of her and prayed for a resolution. And the Lord used Callahan to answer those prayers! Not only are children a gift to us, but I love how God uses our babies to show us more of who he is and his redemption!

Two things I admire about Dusti – she has the gift of wisdom and a beautiful creative eye. She has chronicled and shared both through her love for antiques, treasures, and their gorgeous home renovations (all of which they have tackled themselves!) over on her blog. I was thrilled to see the fruit of all their hard work in person for this session!

We love this family and are praying for them though another huge season of transition this spring. Here’s to sweet memories with the people they love the most…I can’t wait for Callahan to hold on to, look back on, and treasure these photos in the years to come.

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