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Emmy | 2022 OU Senior | Oklahoma Senior Photos


Emmy | 2022 OU Senior | Oklahoma Senior Photos

You’re looking at one of the most memorable senior shoots I’ve ever had all thanks to the good old Oklahoma springtime wind and weather!

I was so excited about meeting Emmy for her OU senior photos. She had been such a delight to chat with over email, and it was obvious she was equally excited about her MFP senior experience. The day of her session, the weather looked great with the exception of high wind, and a small chance of rain moving in later in the evening, but ultimately I wasn’t too worried. You just never know with Oklahoma in the spring! We did decide to move her start time up a bit just in case things shifted…and holy moly did they shift.

In the 5 minutes leading up to her shoot I was walking from the South Oval to the North Oval and watching the sky turn dark with heavy cloud cover. The wind picked up and was hitting about 45 mph with the strongest gusts. And I was watching my weather app like a hawk. The predictions were “rain starting in 9 minutes”. As I was texting Emmy, my head was spinning with contingency plans. My mom had Ruth in the stroller, so she ran back to the car to grab my clear umbrella that I keep on hand in case of unexpected rain, and I prepped Emmy on our goal – get as much done as we can in the time that we have before the weather gets really bad, and then we’ll figure something out from there. She had her hair and makeup already professionally done and her parents were in town with us for the shoot, so I knew we had to do what we could! We kicked things off in a HURRY – from Jacobson to Evans to the willow trees…it was a race against mother nature. I think the willows were probably the craziest part of the whole thing – my mom has a video from it and the wind is whipping viciously!

The Lord spared us and we made it through our full hour without having to take cover! There was a couple brief periods of really light rain, but by the last 5-10 minutes of her shoot (and much to our surprise), things had really settled. I was so proud of Emmy’s optimism and positive spirit. She was the perfect senior to handle this predicament!

We captured some gorgeous photos of Emmy, despite the conditions. And that is a true testament to her willingness to roll with it! And the power of professional hair and makeup which withstood the elements!! Even though I knew we had beautiful images from this session, I also knew this wasn’t the experience either of us had planned for. Jonathan and I had plans to be back in town a week and a half later, and we decided to give Emmy a mini session to make up for the hurried nature of the evening, and another opportunity to capture a few more shots! That day (which you’ll see at the end of this post) was BEAUTIFUL! The most perfect sunlight and weather! I was so glad we had the chance to make it up to her.

You are a rockstar, friend! Congratulations!

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