April 29, 2018

Madi – Classic OU Senior Photos – Norman OK Photographer

Madi – Classic OU Senior Photos – Norman OK Photographer

I don’t even know how to start with Madi! I think I hugged her 4 times throughout our shoot – it was an absolute BLAST and her energy was just what I needed in the middle of my week! She is bubbly, full of joy & laughter, and so so animated – I loved every second of it. Scroll down to see a the photos that epitomize this!

About halfway through our time together, Madi and I got to talking about her trip abroad earlier in college. After a series of unexpected events, Madi ended up alone & in a hospital in Spain. In a season where life was handing her one difficulty after another, she made the very best of her situation, ended up befriending the nurses that took care of her, and ultimately changed the course of her career after the Lord met her in her trials and showed her a new path & passion.

Madi is so good at relating with people, connecting, having intentional conversation, and getting on their level. She is going to be a rockstar nurse! There’s no way you can have a bad day after seeing her smile!!

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