May 1, 2018

Cassidy – Trendy OU Senior Photos – Norman, OK

Cassidy – Trendy OU Senior Photos – Norman, OK

Cassidy – you’re perfect.

The two of us bonded on not knowing how to open a bottle of champagne…oops. I’m 25 and still haven’t figured that out yet! Hah!

Cassidy is photogenic, fun, and easy to love. Her post-grad plans involve moving back to her home state of California to pursue (at least as first) a career in event planning! Pretty cool to hear that she is interested in a multitude of things and would love to have several different careers throughout her life. I love that ambition and boldness in her – it makes her stand apart & stand out!

This also wasn’t the first time I’ve photographed this beautiful face! Just the first time in an extended time frame! 🙂 I actually had the chance to shoot Cassidy’s OU tour guide headshot late last year through OU Admissions & Recruitment. We made sure to stop by Jacobson Hall (the Visitor’s Center at OU where tours begin!), as well as a few other special places for her shoot (peep the first photo – did you know she was Homecoming Chair and their logo this past year was the pastoral dreamer?). We share a deep passion for OU and I love getting to shoot girls that embrace school spirit and Norman ,Oklahoma!

You’re a babe Cass!!!!

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