May 3, 2021

Blair | Confetti Graduation Photos | Oklahoma Graduation Photos

confetti flying in air for graduation photos

Where do I even begin!?! This was one of my FAVORITE nights of shooting – I had two back-to-back sessions, starting with Blair, and it couldn’t have been a more fun or enjoyable evening. I loved Blair and her mom, Leslie!

Leslie connected with me last fall after I shared Lily Taylor’s Oklahoma graduation photos – she saw her photos and loved them so much, she got in touch with me the same day! I was so excited to meet Blair after going back and forth with her mom in the months leading up to our session.

Blair and I talked about sorority life (she is a Chi O, but her mom was a Theta at OU!), dating in college (and the real world!), and her upcoming plans to go to dental school! This girl is of course graduating with honors, and impressed me with her commitment to her education and future career!

Y’all cannot miss these confetti shots from her shoot – they are probably the best in MFP history! After 8-9 years of photographing OU senior photos, I have logged well over 100 confetti-attempts. In full transparency, they are HARD. Most of the time, the wind is blowing the wrong way (or it’s too strong!), there’s too much or not enough confetti, the confetti is too heavy to fly, it’s too big and ends up covering part of a senior’s face…so many factors are involved! That said, the great part about confetti is that you can always do more than one attempt! This was try #2 at Blair’s session after she popped one of those big confetti cannons. It was a bust…BUT she noticed there was a good sized handful still stuck at the top of the cannon. She grabbed that, and on my countdown we gave it another go. Somehow ALL of the conditions were PERFECT! And the entire series of photos is SO MUCH FUN! Her mom was videoing the whole thing, which you can see at my Instagram reel from her session! (Thank you for sharing, Leslie!)

I hope we’ll get some confetti graduation photos like these again! This was EPIC!

Thank you Leslie & Blair for inviting me to help celebrate this special season!

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