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The Next Chapter for Melanie Foster Photography | Bartlesville OK Photographer


The Next Chapter for Melanie Foster Photography | Bartlesville OK Photographer

I’m writing this post the day we are officially closing on our new home in Bartlesville. I’m posting it about a month later, but I can tell you one thing I thought I was sure about this time last year: I was never going to live in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

When Jonathan and I started dating in October, I had already decided (LOL) that I would be living in Norman long-term. My job was here, my business was here, and this was home. I remember testing the waters a bit by asking if he envisioned himself in Bartlesville for the foreseeable future, and if he was emotionally attached to the house he had just bought in the spring of 2019. He gave me pretty loose answers, which was a relief at the time. We all know this whole thing happened fast – we dated for four months before we got engaged, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Of course even when we think we have a good plan, the Lord’s is always far better, and as quickly as our relationship progressed, so did my appreciation for “the ‘ville”. Thank goodness He softened my heart towards this sweet, easy-living town.

I specifically remember a conversation we had just before we got engaged. By that point, we were fairly confident that Bartlesville was going to be home, but we thought there was no way we could sell two houses, find a new one, move me, and plan a wedding all within a 6-7 month timeframe. We clearly underestimated the Lord’s providence, because the path he laid for us for this to come to fruition couldn’t have been easier or more straight-forward. One thing led to another, and about 2 weeks before we were set to list Jonathan’s previous home in May, we had an offer (THANK YOU, Steve and Jana – his incredible parents and our realtors!). We found out about our new house a whole 2 hours before we saw it, as it also was not yet on the market. We put in an offer the next business day, and closed on it 2 weeks later!!!

There is so much more I want to share about what all this entailed, because it is quite the story (think: antiques and renovations), and one that we’re still working through the pieces on. But I want to first celebrate this exciting announcement: Melanie Foster Photography is officially based out of Bartlesville, OK come this fall! I am thrilled to share this news, share our love for our new home, and celebrate God’s good gifts in this season with you guys with photos from our friend Holly Felts!

There are a few questions I want to cover, otherwise, we’ll be sharing a part 2 (and all the fun details) in the next few weeks!

What if we have a shoot booked together?

I’ll see you there! 🙂 We will move forward as planned!

Will you still be photographing OU seniors and booking shoots in Norman?

Yes, yes, and forever yes! I already have half of my girls officially on the calendar for April 2021. Inquire for my last available dates for the spring! The only thing that is changing for MFP is that shoots will be split between Bartlesville/Tulsa and Norman/OKC. We will pre-plan my trips back to the Norman/OKC area ahead of time. Because of the nature of this type of scheduling, my availability in the Norman and OKC metro will be very limited. My fall date availability in both Norman and Bartlesville begins in October, so let’s chat now about those family photos for the holidays!

How do I get more information or book a session with you in Bartlesville or Tulsa?

Fill out my contact form and be sure to include your location so I know where we’ll be shooting! My next available dates are in October.

What are you doing with your house?

Renting! I have had the BEST roommate the past year, and she has a new roommate moving in!

Are you changing your business name after your wedding?

Nope! My legal name will change, but I will still operate as Melanie Foster Photography!

Leaving Norman is bittersweet. I’ve called this place home for 9 years (with a brief 18 month hiatus in Nashville!). It’s seen me through a lot of life, a lot of tears, a lot of joy, a lot of addresses (lol), and a lot of growth. It will always hold a huge piece of my heart, but we are assured of the goodness of the Lord, that He has purposefully led us to this upcoming season of life, and we are giddy and anticipating all that is to come in Bartlesville. We are eager to move in to our cutie 1935 colonial home, get fully immersed in full-time life and fellowship with our adoring family at Hope Presbyterian Church, and are grateful to be close to family. The influence and selflessness of the Russells – Jana, Steve, and Matt – has been one of the biggest blessings these past few months. 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year, and one that will be bookmarked in my memory as one of the best ever. I love you Jonathan Russell!!! Let’s get married!!!!!!

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