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I’m Melanie, the girl behind the lens at Melanie Foster Photography. Whether you’re getting ready for your upcoming OU senior or your Bartlesville or Tulsa family photography experience, I hope you’ll stay a while, pick up a few tips, and be inspired for your own MFP photo session! 

3 Tips to Have a Successful Senior Photoshoot Experience


Senior season is upon us! September – November & March – May are exciting times for upcoming OU grads to snap some photos around campus – a place that has such special memories for so many of us here in Norman. As you book your photographer and prepare for your shoot, here are 3 tips to have a successful senior photoshoot experience!

1. Do some exploring & research about potential photographers.

Just like with any investment, take some time to poke around on the internet, ask friends, and read more about your potential photographers. Do you know friends who have worked with them? What was their experience? Does the photographer know your campus? How long have they been shooting? Are you guaranteed to receive your images before graduation? It’s important to not just like their photos, but for you to feel confident in them, the experience, & service they provide.

A few easy ways to do this: read their reviews on their Facebook page, reach out to past clients (if you know any!), follow their Instagram for a bit of time – watch their stories & read their captions to get to know them and their style! I also recommend asking to see a full gallery of images. It’s easy for photographers to share the best of their portfolio on social media, but to see a full gallery will give you the best idea of what you may be receiving as well.

2. Be open-minded

You’re hiring a photographer for a reason! They are the pro and should be comfortable with and know the best locations, lighting, etc. on your campus. I always ask my clients right off the bat if there are specific locations at OU they are interested in shooting in. This helps me to know a little about what their expectations are and if they have any special spots! However, I also know that there are places on campus that don’t photograph well. For example, there are about 5-6 ivy walls at OU. Most of them have terrible lighting. If I know going in to my shoot that they are interested in the ivy look, I’ll let my client know ahead of time that we may not shoot at the exact wall referenced, but we’ll get something even better.

Side note – I will ALWAYS shoot in front of Evans and The Bizzell – those are two classics you can’t miss!

3. Plan ahead

Especially when it comes to outfits, hair and makeup, and props! The better you plan, the more comfortable you’ll feel going in. It’s never fun to feel rushed or scattered. Make sure to try on your outfits beforehand (including shoes and jewelry) and either take a picture of it on your phone or take a look at everything in a full-length mirror. Have 2-3 options ready to go and 1 more for backup in case you do change your mind last minute! You can read more about outfit styling and tips HERE! The same goes for props. I’ve seen confetti (the bigger confetti photographs best!), an Oklahoma cutout, blankets to sit on, and more! Having one or two items for a little extra something make the images and the experience that much more fun!

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