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The Biggest Rumor About Post-Grad Life | Gearing Up for OU Graduation


ou graduation gear upThere’s a rumor that’s been going around for a while now…I’m not really sure who started it or why it’s stuck around for so dang long but I’m pretty determined to put a damper on it. For some reason, the general consensus among college seniors is that post-graduation life is something to dread. We hear for four years of college (or 5 or 6…) that these are the absolute best years of your life! You live with some of your best friends, are surrounded by community and a thriving social scene, you get to stay up late and sleep in, go to football games and date parties, choose your own schedule and have control over most of your time…all wonderful things that are unique to the college experience (and should be cherished!) But when your senior year rolls around and you’re preparing for all of the “lasts”, the reality of many of those things going away can be a bit of a rude awakening.

I walked through this too. I have two older sisters who loved their college experiences, so for the years leading up to my own, I knew that it was something to be excited about, take in, and cherish. I also experienced the fears, anxieties, and stress that accompany being a senior, approaching graduation, and entering the real world – when I graduated from OU, I moved across the country to live in Nashville, where I barely knew a soul. There are already a bunch of people talking about the negatives to growing up, but I want to share a few reasons on why I think this dread needs to go away, with some help from some of my past MFP seniors and their thoughts on why post-grad life doesn’t suck.

1. You get to take ownership of your passions and your work. 

2. There are no essays, tests, or homework. Can’t argue with that one!

3. It’s easier to get into a routine – this is healthy and good. That 9-5 (or for most of us, 8-5) life is real. Going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time has proven to be really beneficial for me and I enjoy putting my head down on the pillow at the end of a long day knowing I worked hard!

4. Relationships are more intentional. You have to make time for the people you care about and make them a priority, which I have seen the fruit of in several of my friendships! I value the time I get to spend with my girlfriends even more now than I did when I was in college and could see them every day.

5. You have your own money to save & spend.

6. You have the opportunity to mentor those a few steps behind you in life (and BE mentored by those a few steps ahead of you!)

7. You pick up new hobbies! Looking at you Red Effect!!!

8. As time goes on, you get to look back on how much you have grown, what you’ve learned, and reflect on your college years with more wisdom and understanding of yourself and of God’s faithfulness.

What do you love about being post-grad?

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