This past weekend, Jonathan and I drove down to Austin, Texas for one of the most exciting shoots of my career. This has been on the books since January, and after it was postponed from April to June thanks to COVID-19, we were thankful that things fell back into place! Before I jump in, there […]

Photography has given me so many wonderful opportunities – from shooting OU football games to my best friends proposals – but some of the opportunities I hold most dear are when I get to reconnect with OU Theta sisters like Madison! She had emailed me about a week or two ago hopeful that I would […]

Honestly, I thought this summer was going to be really slow. The Oklahoma heat feels never-ending come June and July, so I figured I wouldn’t have too much scheduled. Turns out, I underestimated and was way wrong. On top of being out of town four weekends in a row, I’ve had quite a few new friends reach […]