June 4, 2018

Taylor – 2018 OU Senior – Norman Senior Photographer

Taylor – 2018 OU Senior – Norman Senior Photographer

This cutie Theta and I had a ball shooting her senior photos the week of graduation! Taylor is miss independent, driven, and a go-getter! One of the best parts of getting to hang out with and celebrate Taylor is that I know this is JUST THE START for her! It may be a bittersweet closing of a chapter, but as an outsider, I love getting to hear about all the goals and dreams that each of my seniors are about to chase. I get to see the big picture which is SO exciting. And I can say with CONFIDENCE that they will end up exactly where they are supposed to be – whether those goals and dreams are achieved, changed, or tossed to the side in the process. It’s the day-in-day-out grind that is what grows and molds us into the people we become and it’s OKAY for things to not work out or plans to change!

I was listening to a throwback playlist on Spotify yesterday and that Hannah Montana song came on –

“Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock!”

I KNOW THIS IS SO CHEESY AND I AM EMBARRASSED I EVEN REFERENCED IT but it’s SO TRUE! Post-college life is so different, but it is AWESOME. There are a million reasons to be excited about it instead of terrified of it. Ask me about my post-grad experiences and I would love to share them with you!!

Taylor moved to DC after graduation to basically take over the world and I couldn’t be more proud to be her Theta sister!! Enjoy these fun celebratory photos!

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