May 21, 2018

Carli – 2018 OU Senior – OU Senior Photographer

Talk about FULL OF LIFE! Dang Carli – you were a blast to photograph! She’s up there with some of the most energetic and fun clients I’ve ever had. Thank you for making this shoot so much fun!

Carli graduated from nursing school last weekend & is headed south to Wichita Falls, TX! So many of my seniors this year are moving away, which is a really cool thing to see. I moved to Nashville for a year and a half post-grad so I am always encouraging my seniors to have that experience of starting over in a new place. That first year out of college can be tough, but it’s a great opportunity to learn about yourself, what you want, figure out how to make friends again, and more. I experienced a ton of growth in Tennessee, being so far away from my friends and family and jumping right in to the real world. While I don’t think I’d ever live there again, I absolutely LOVED IT and I am grateful that I had the experience.

Also, y’all are stuck with me forever…I stinking love Oklahoma.

Carli’s sense of humor, energy, and quirkiness was the highlight of this one. You rock girlfriend!!

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