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I’m Melanie, the girl behind the lens at Melanie Foster Photography. Whether you’re getting ready for your upcoming OU senior or your Bartlesville or Tulsa family photography experience, I hope you’ll stay a while, pick up a few tips, and be inspired for your own MFP photo session! 

Chloe – 2018 OU Senior – Senior Portraits Norman OK


Chloe – 2018 OU Senior – Senior Portraits Norman, OK

I had a ton of fun on this shoot with Chloe. We not only had perfect weather, but two friends joined us! My best friend, Claire, was there to snap some behind-the-scenes content, along with Chloe’s friend Chelsea. The four of us just ran around campus, enjoyed the sunshine, and chatted about all things college! My Instagram followers are getting a peek at those behind-the-scenes snaps today on my story!

For the the past 5-6 years, I’ve shot seniors on OU’s campus. I know this place like the back of my hand! If you’ve spent any time at all around me or on my website, you know that the OU campus is my favorite place in the world. I think because I am so comfortable here, and have shot so many sessions at OU, that I am able to be the most creative, which is why it’s a perfect fit as a senior photographer!

Today, I’m sharing a little more below about the locations I chose (and WHY!) for Chloe’s shoot!

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art.

I like this space a lot because it’s clean, light, and modern. It serves as a great “neutral” background to give a bit of variety when the rest of my locations are more collegiate feeling.

Chemistry Building Stairs

Made popular by the amazing Carsyn Abrams. She kills it on these stairs! They are so funny to me, because you look at them from afar and would never think to shoot on them. There’s a dumpster behind one side and they are filled with rust. But for some reason I love the light that shines through here in the early stages of golden hour & the ease of composing! The leading lines of the railing make for a perfect portrait.

Behind the Chemistry building, just east of the Physical Sciences Center

I haven’t shot here too often because I actually used to use the spot just across the way with the clock tower & OU flags in the background. I wanted to switch it up a bit in order to benefit from the white on the back side of the Chemistry building and use the light reflecting on the concrete behind me. I was also able to compose using the trees behind her – hopefully the foliage will come in a bit more these next few weeks making for an even better-framed shot!

Front steps of Evans Hall

I am amazed that so many OU students aren’t familiar with Evans! This used to be my meeting place in years past for the start of shoots, but it has become a bit more crowded than it used to be. The white stairs also lend for lighter portraits, and the contrast with the old wooden doors is gorgeous. I love the simplicity of shooting here and find that I can get a lot of variety, assuming there aren’t other photographers waiting to take over 🙂

East side of the front of Bizzell Memorial Library

With the influx of photographers the past two years, I’ve had to get creative shooting in front of the Bizz. Last week, I walked outside with a client and there were NINE OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS in sight by the library! It was insane. (Side note – if you’re ever one of the people shooting, I would encourage you to be kind, respectful, & quick. It’s never fun to wait around for someone to get the shots that everyone else needs too!)

That being said, of course the Bizz is a go-to and you can’t shoot a senior without stopping by for a few photos here! In the beginning of my business, I would always shoot straight on, but I found that I really enjoy the images I’ve gotten from a side angle a lot more. You get different light shooting side or backlit and it adds visual interest with the trees & bushes in the background. I will still shoot straight on when I get the chance because it’s classic, but switching it up has been really fun!

(We moved over a bit for the photo below) (And got lucky with a break in the crowd & got the straight-on image!)

Northwest side of Neilson Hall

This walkway on campus gets a lot of really good light towards the end of the evening. I love utilizing the benches on campus, and have just recently started incorporating them into my shoots a lot more than I used to. Sitting down adds some variety in posing, and the background is still collegiate-feeling without screaming that it’s OU.

Congratulations to you miss Chloe! Best of luck on your gap year & soon MED SCHOOL! You rock.

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